Any lifestyle "script," plan or program.

Simpler. Easier. More effective.

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Our goal is simple. Make any plan or program simpler, easier and more effective.

Any diet. Any exercise or activity program. Any medication or supplement regimen. Anything.

We'll arm you with support to implement your plan, and personalized tools and data to evaluate whether and how it's helping.

Simple, Easy, Fast, Helpful


Our platform provides the tools and support to successfully implement and evaluate any lifestyle script.


We'll develop custom, personalized strategies and tools for you to track how you're doing and feeling as simply and easily as possible.

Simple Stats

We use proprietary data algorithms to translate your feedback into simple and easy to comprehend stats about your progress and status.


Share your progress and status with anyone, including family, friends and healthcare practitioners.

Learn Patterns

Use our data and collaboration tools to start making sense of connections between what you're doing and how you're feeling.


Your data is private. You choose if and with whom you share.

Problems, Solved

We'll make it easy for you to sound the alarm when you encounter roadblocks or difficulties. And then solve them.

Take Charge of Your Health

Knowing where you're at and where you're heading will keep you on a path to success.